What is the difference between a tarot card reading and a clairvoyant reading?

You have probably heard about psychic readings before, and as you know there are many types of different psychic readings available. We highlight two different forms: tarot card reading and clairvoyant reading.

Clairvoyant reading

What to expect from a clairvoyant reading? Clairvoyant stand for clair (clear) en voyant (vision). Also commonly referred to as ‘psychic seeing’. The psychic is able to see visions, aura’s colors, vivid dreams or events in the future. They receive information about a location, a person, an object or a physical event through their third eye. This is an extra-sensory perception. This differs per clairvoyant. Clairvoyant readings can concern questions you may have about past, current or future events. Talking about your specific concerns, the clairvoyant will freely express what they see and feel and whatever comes to surface in the vision they are having.

Tarot card reading

In a tarot reading the psychic pulls out an ancient deck of cards, consisting of 78 cards. The cards all have a title and an image, and all have a different meaning. These cards will help you become closer with your higher self. After the cards are shuffled by the tarot reader the cards are laid out on the table in a pattern that is already determined by forehand. You can choose the cards yourself, and will do so by following your feeling and choosing the cards you are most drawn to. The cards all represent and stand for something else. A professional tarot card reader will know how to interpret the meaning of these different card and also understand how this influences your life. After having chosen your cards from the draw, you will find the guidance and insights you have been looking for in order to make strong decisions now and in the future.   

Example questions to ask during a reading

You can ask anything that it on your mind. This can be related to all kind of topics such as career, love live, family, friends, etc.

Example questions to ask:

  • My relationship has just ended. When will I meet someone new?
  • I have desires to start a family, will I get pregnant soon?
  • I am unemployed, when will I find a new job?
  • How is a deceased loved one doing?
  • Who is my Spirit Guide?